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Slow down a video on iPhone. Choose one of the six the most popular speed patterns, from 0.25x to 2x. Alternatively use the slider to set the speed manually - the output may range from 0.25x to 4.00x. Mind, that the final timing will change accordingly. Exactly the same applies to the sound. If you don't need any, turn it off ticking a Mute video box. Choose the output format In this iMovie tutorial for iOS devices I show you how to make a slow motion video or video clip. How to do slow motion video using iMovie on your iPhone or. How to Speed UP / Slow Down a Video on iPhone (easy) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next

Most importantly, iMovie can convert regular FPS video clips into slow-motion. Here is how to put a video in slow-motion with iMovie: Open iMovie and choose Create a new project. Tap Movie. Choose the clip you want to edit. Tap Create Movie. A timeline of the video will appear at the bottom. Tap on the timeline Step 1. Open iMovie on your iPhone, click the Create Project button +, then tap on Movie. Step 2. Click the Media > Video to find and click the target video you want to slow down, then click the checkmark in the pop-up menu, and click the Create Movie at the bottom of the screen To start slowing down videos using this app, follow the steps below. Get the app from the App Store on your iPhone. Launch the application and click the new movie button. Choose time-lapse and then tap the start button. On its recording interface, tap the Capture button to start recording your video

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  1. Play videos on your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in slow motion using these steps. From Videos or YouTube App Start playing the video as normal. Press Pause to stop the video. Tap and hold the Fast-forward button. The video will then continue playing in slow motion
  2. Tap the clip in the timeline, which reveals editing tools. Tap the Speed icon (second from left). Tap the Reset button at right, which removes the slow-motion effect
  3. How to Convert Slow Motion Video to Regular Speed Video on iPhone and iPad. Open the Photos app and stay in the Albums tab. Scroll down and from under 'Media Types,' tap on Slo-mo. Tap on a video to open it in full screen. Tap on Edit. You will see a thin slider with vertical white lines
  4. Hi, if you want to convert video to slow motion, the frame rate of the video will be smaller. In fact, it is absolutely available to convert normal video to slow motion. First, you need to transfer your video to computer and then you can try to use movie maker, free online video editor or other programs to convert the speed of video
  5. At the bottom of the new panel where you will see the Playback Speed. Drag the slide bar to choose the playback speed you want to set the iPhone video to: 0.1x (slowest. 10x slower than original speed) 0.25x (slower. 4x slower than original speed) 0.5x (slow. 2x slower than original speed) 1x (normal
  6. The tightly spaced lines indicate normal video, whereas those that are far apart indicate the part of the video in slow motion. The slow-motion section of the video also has slightly large lines at either end. To speed up the video, put your finger on the left line and drag it all the way to the right line. The slow-motion section will disappear, and the spacing will become identical to the rest of the video. Tap the 'Play' button to see the sped-up video before saving it

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Here's how to shoot a slo-mo video with your iPhone. Open your Camera app on your iPhone. Tap Slo-mo to turn on the slow motion feature. (Slow motion only works with your iPhone's rear camera, unless you have an iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max.) Tap the red Record button or either of the side volume buttons to start recording If you want to speed up a slow-motion video, you can edit Slo-Mo video in the Photos app on your iPhone, where you can speed up the slow-motion section back to normal speed or remove it entirely First off, if you haven't tried the slow-motion mode on the iPhone 5s (dubbed Slow-Mo), it's an option you can choose when in the Camera app. Other shooting options include Video, Photo.

Use the two little sliders in the slow motion timeline to shrink the slow motion portion of the timeline until they join into one, eliminating all slow motion from the video Tap on Done to save the changes and convert the video to regular speed Now that the video is saved at regular speed you can share it, upload it to social media, or just keep it on your iPhone as a normal speed movie The only major con to this application is that it doesn't allow any voice recordings. download. 4. Slow Motion Video Maker. Yet another application by which you can make slow-motion videos is - Slow Motion Video Maker. With this application, you can not only make slow-mo videos but also make fast, reverse loop videos Slow-motion videos are a fun option for iPhone and iPad videographers, letting you slow down the action for dramatic effect. If you have a iPhone 5S, you can shoot slo-mo videos at 120 frames per.

Kapwing supports popular video file types including AVI, MP4, MOV, and 3PG. You can choose a speed as slow as 0.25x for a slow-motion video or as fast as 4x for an accelerated video. For finer adjustments, use the split tool to speed up or slow down parts of a video. Then, sit back and watch in amazement as the video alternates between fast and. The only problem: when you upload, the slow motion part renders as a normal video. How to fix this? How to Export iPhone 5s Slo-Mo Videos & Share Them on Facebook/Instagram The HD Option in YouTube, Facebook etc. When you upload a slo-mo video to websites like YouTube or Facebook, make sure you choose the HD option On the other hand, if you don't use your iPhone to capture video, getting the video files from your other devices to transform into slow motion is a little trickier. Fortunately, iMovie for Mac can convert your videos into slow motion, and in this tutorial, we'll show you how Make a slow-motion video on Android. This underrated visual effect allows you to put a stress on the best moments, focus on the tiniest details, and attract the viewers' attention. Enhanced in such a way video is very likely to collect more likes on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social medium and make you an awesome blogger

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Yeah, just upload it directly to your channel from your iPhone. Slow motion is basically recorded in 240 frames per second and your iPhone converts the video into an encoded 30fps MOV render and its essentially 8x slower than regular videos. If yo.. The Instagram app allows you to upload photos and videos to share with friends and family. This wikiHow shows you how to post slow motion videos taken on your iOS device to Instagram. Tap the Camera app to open it. The Camera icon looks.. Slow motion video on post editing stage is forged via certain editing features we call Time Lapse, Time Remapping, Time-stretching, or Speed Rampping on computers using slow motion software. How to Put a Video in Slow Motion with Windows 10 Photo App. Windows 10 Photos app surprisingly supports creating slow motion videos instantly

Continuity Markup in iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina 10.15 or later lets you annotate documents on your Mac using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Get this video editor app for iPhone if not yet. Use Camera to record videos on your iPhone and change modes to take slow-motion and time-lapse videos Hey guys, I filmed some stuff on my iphone in 60fps but its coming up in slow motion when i put it into my timeline in premiere. Very annoying. If anyone has a solution it would be greatly appreciated i7 6700k gtx 1060 a170-a 16gbddr4 2tb hybrid drive iphone 6s 1080p6 When you hit the Next button on this menu, you are taken to the Slow motion range screen, asking you to define 2 frames which will act as starting and ending points for the slowed down portion of the video clip. TimeFreeze currently has just 4 background music clips, and you can select the most suitable one for your video in the Sound menu

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  1. iPhone Screenshots. Play your videos in slow motion! Slow Motion is the quickest and easiest way to edit the speed of your recorded videos. Choose from your library or record a new one with the camera. Slide the dial to adjust the speed. Pick which moments you want slowed down with Slow Motion Pro. Unlock fast mode to make your videos play faster
  2. Here's how you can shoot and manage slow-motion videos in your iOS 11 device: Prepare your camera. Tap Camera from the Home screen, scroll left until you get to the SLO-MO mode. This sets your device to shoot the slow-motion videos. Shoot the video. Focus the camera on the target moving object (s), tap the Record button, and tap Stop.
  3. Another slow-motion video converter you could try is mp3care. Just like the first-mentioned application, it is an online application that needs not to be installed on your computer. Aside from the ability to modify video acceleration, mp3care can perform audio conversion, video conversion, and online rotating of videos
  4. It couldn't be easier to make a video in slow motion, you just have to respect the following steps: Go to the app Camera of your Huawei P40 Pro. Slide to the side of the options visible above the Capture button, you will usually have Photo, then Video, and then Super slow motion et Slow motion. Choose one of the two slow motion possibilities
  5. 3. The slow-motion effect applied to the video in Photos.app is not actually applied to the video file. This means that the 120 fps video remains at 120 fps and is played at this higher fps in Windows. To slow down the video, use a video editor, either on Windows or on the iOS device (such as iMovie which is free on the 5s) to save the slowed.
  6. Follow along for how to change your settings from the default video speed for recording in slow motion. On most recent models of iPhone, you'll have some variation of 120 or 240fps slow motion.
  7. Step 1: Navigate to the folder containing the video file for which you want to add the slow-motion effect. Right-click on the video file, click Open with, select Photos to open the video file with Photos app. Step 2: Once the video file is opened with the Photos app, click on anywhere outside the video (click on the black area) to see options

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  1. To post a slow motion video on Instagram using one iPhone you need: iPhone which can shoot slow motion video. Instagram app installed in the phone. Process: A simple process through which can enable you to post your slow motion video on Instagram is to email it. So, at first shoot you slow motion video. Then open the clip and tap on the Share.
  2. I got a bunch of requests from folks to explain how, exactly, I did those variable speed-up-slow-downs in my iPhone 6 camera video, so this week, we're taking a look at how you can use iMovie for iOS to do just that. As of iOS 8, iMovie for iOS received a whole bunch of speed controls beyond sloooooow and super super chipmunk fast, and they're really simple to use
  3. The slow motion effect is widely used in movies and music clips today to add atmosphere to a video and help the director show actions that could easily be missed by the viewer at normal film speed. If you like watching things in slow motion and always wanted to have a video slow downer on your computer, we've got a treat for you
  4. While it obviously cant record at 120FPS like on iPhone 5s, but it can shoot at 60FPS, up from the default 30FPS on these devices. Slo-Mo Mod has a few settings that can be configured via the Settings app, with the slow motion rate, frame rate and volume adjustment of the slow motion portion of the video all alterable
  5. If you want to export the video in slow motion, use Apple's free iMovie app to first open the movie, edit it, and then save it as a new video. The new file will retain the slow motion, and can.

Slow Motion with a Smartphone or iPhone Camera. One of the most powerful tools of filmmaking is the slow motion - or slowmo - shot. Like an overt demonstration of filmmaker's god-like powers to alter or create reality. There's something about slow motion shots which feels like we're showing off - I'm showing you this because I can Question. Is it possible to have more than one segment of slow motion within the same continuous video on iPhone 6? I have tried searching for an answer but only finding articles about how to shoot in slow motion Pretty simple. Just go to photos, tap your video and then tap Edit (I think it's Edit in English) Then you see the screen gets darker, and under your video you see some kind of film strip. Just drag the left and right edge of that strip, which bec..

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The newest iPhone models support the recording of slow motion video with the native Camera app. This nifty feature was first introduced as a major part of the modern iPhone cameras and is able to shoot 1080p or 720p movies at 240 or 120 frames per second Apple likewise enables you to do slow-motion video or time-lapse. There's a way to benefit as much as possible from your iOS Camera, particularly from certain upcoming changes in iOS 13. Here we will see how you can record video with your iPhone or iPad, edit videos, take slo-mo and time-lapse video on iPhone as well Importing 120fps Slow Motion Clips from Your Device . Some video capture devices support taking videos in high speed/ slow motion mode, for example, the new iPhone 5S, GoPro HERO3/HERO3+. However, if you were to export the video file from the phone, these slow motion settings are not applied to the video itself

Since Apple introduced the slow motion feature on the iPhone 5S in 2013, slow motion videos have been trending on social media, like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. And now, most phone makers offer a slow-mo camera capability to help you create a slow motion video easily Part1: 6 Apps to make slow motion video 1. Slow Motion Video FX. This is a great slow motion video app that makes your slow motion videos fun and exciting. You can make the slow-mo videos and directly post on your social media accounts like YouTube or Instagram to share it with your friends. Choose the speed of the output movie with the Slow. Set the speed to 25% to mimic the slow mo effect found on the iPhone 5s. You can then export your clip with all of your fancy edits and share your video - slow motion effects in tact — with the rest of the world. The same principle applies to all video editing apps while working with 120 FPS video They play back as in slow motion, both on the iPhone and when exported to the desk top. Again, however, this is with the built in video recording features of the iPhone. If you use Filmic Pro, a 3rd party (extremely popular iPhone videography app), the files record at 120 fps, playback at 120 fps, and when exported from the iPhone to the.

The iPhone 5s records Slow motion at 120fps, although its something you use only for fun, its quite popular. Sadly even with alternative software you can only do 60fps on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c Furthermore, the phone shoots at an impressive 240fps and allows for smooth playback at a 1/4 of the speed without sacrificing video quality. To help you start making your own Inception-style scenes, we've put together this simple guide on capturing slow motion in Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Skip to content. Skip to searc The iPhone 5S isn't the first smartphone to offer slow-motion capture by any means, but Apple's iteration, like all of its recent forays into photo and video, proves very refined. Still, on. Trim: Filme lite can help you trim your video to the perfect length. A video's length matters to have a positive impact on your audience. Speed: Slow-motion videos are more likely to go viral in seconds. You may not be able to do slow motions, but you can obviously, adjust video speed to create a slow-motion slideshow Record amazing slow motion videos in real time with SlowCam. Tap and hold slow motion button during recording to capture video at 60/120 FPS* for ultra smooth slow motion capture. Support for all devices with iOS 7. Videos shot with the app on the iPhone 5s will be 120 fps, while those shot with the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c will be 60 fps

The slow motion video no longer plays in slow motion on my iphone 6, but the slow motion icon is still there. To see if the slow motion info is still in the video, I airdropped the video from my iPhone to my iMac running Yosemite. I opened it in Quicktime, and it played back the slow motion perfectly, just as it did on my iPhone before I synced. If you still want to use this method to turn off or turn on AssistiveTouch, then Found inside - Page 303Multitasking Gestures. Tap here to turn on (or off) the four- or fivefingered swipes that replace several Home button functions (page 30). From the home screen, tap Settings. Android's Accessibility Button and Assistive Touch on iOS can help make doing certain tasks on your phone. In today's video we are taking a look at a little device called the Leap Motion. You guys may have heard of this device. It came out in 2012 and it can be used to detect hand and finger movements and use a variety of Gestures to complete different actions Zazzle Celebrates Life's Moments! Join millions of people and the best Independent Designers to connect, create, customize physical products & digital designs A rudimentary video editing software for this purpose is usually precluded. The video can optionally be played back at normal (real-time) speed, acting as usual video. Development. The earliest smartphone known to feature a slow motion mode is the 2009 Samsung i8000 Omnia II, which can record at QVGA (320×240) at 120 fps (frames per second)

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How to return a slow-motion video on your iPhone to normal speed. 1. Start the Photos app and tap Albums at the bottom of the screen. 2. Tap Slo-Mo to see the list of videos you shot. Currently, many users of iPhone they don't know they can shoot slow motion videos.This recording mode became fashionable with the iPhone 5s a few years ago. In this post we will show you a guide on how to record and edit videos in slow motion with iPhone iPad and iPod Touc It is easy to directly put a video in slow motion on iPhone and Android. See also: Slow Motion Video Editor App for iPhone. When it comes to slow motion video maker on PC and Windows PC, the things are gonna be complicated, because some functional slow motion software like AE are not friendly to most people without special skills

The reason to shoot in 60 or 120 FPS is because you want to playback in slow motion or have portions of the video playback in slow motion. If you want the video to play back at normal speed on a typical 30 FPS timeline this means you will need to speed up the clip 4x. Speeding up video just removes frames from the clip making it shorter Slow Fast Slow is yet another program to increase the playback speed of video on iPhone. SpeedPro is yet another program which will give you control over the playback speed of your videos. Another great app for time-lapse is iMotion. iMotion has good import and export options, and give a lot of control over playback speed and frame rates Put the iPhone 12 Pro video camera in slow motion mode and drop it from a height onto a soft surface. This trick will give a crane shot effect like that of big Hollywood movies

The video is saved now and can be easily shared, however when transferring to the computer it is still playing back at 120fps (or 240fps for iPhone 6). So far, I only found one simple method that will allow you to transfer the slow motion video with it being 30fps. Download the app iFile free to play video clip in slow or fast motion? If you are using the default media player in Windows, which is Windows Media Player, here is what you can do: Step 1 - right-click in the playing area → Enhancements → Play speed settings. Step 2 - move the slide left or right for slowing down or speeding up the play speed. And the same setting. Videoshop is an easy-to-use video editor with plenty of useful tools. You can use it to quickly add background music, voice over, text, photos to your video; adjust video playback speed to create fast-motion or slow-motion videos; quickly apply stunning filters to your videos; create photo slideshows; trim, merge, copy, paste, resize, reverse, rotate, flip videos; change video brightness. The video was taken with Hero 8 at 4K@ 60 FPS clciking snail symbol, I did not do any editing when I play in gopro app it is slow motion but when I tried to save it to photos or share it through whatsapp on iphone 5s it saves/share the video of normal speed Transcript: One of the great features of the iPhone 5s is its slow motion video mode. To use this mode, just swipe over while in the Camera app to the Slo-Mo setting

However, there is a way of uploading the Video in a HD version to Facebook, although it still won't be as good as what's on your phone scree. To Upload a HD Slo-Mo video to Facebook: Firstly capture the Video you want using the iPhone's Slo Mo feature, then set the slow mo points on the Video as you desire. Tap the Share ico Here is what you should do: Open the app and tap on the + icon in the middle of the screen. Tap Speed on the upper right-hand corner of the app. Slow down the video by choosing either 0.1x or 0.5x. I love the slow motion video on the iPhone 6. Not only does it record 720p video at 240 fps, it also let's you instantly adjust what part of video is in slow motion and what part is in real time

Slow motion has long been one of the coolest (and overused) effects in video. The technique was once exclusive to fancy, expensive cameras, but as portable device technology improves, slo-mo has. After that, it is ready to use. Open YouTube and play a video. And when the video starts you can use + and - keyboard keys to play video in fast forward mode and in slow motion mode respectively. Also, when you move the mouse over the video you will see options to fast forward or put it in a slow-motion video on the corner of the video Slow Motion Video FX is one of the most popular and highly rated slow-motion video recording applications on Android. Apart from helping you capture slow motion videos; the application allows you to add the slow-motion effect to your existing ones. The application employs a slider from 0 to 1 where 1 is the normal speed of the video

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Right click on the video clip you want to slow down. Then choose Insert/Remove Envelope from the drop-down menu. Click Velocity from the submenu. As a result, you can see a green line inside the selected video clip. Step 2 Create Sony Vegas slow motion video . Now you can drag and drop the line to adjust velocity freely 3. YouTube Slow Motion. 4. iMovie Slow Motion. 5. Best Slow Motion Camera. 6. Funny Slow Motion Videos. We all love to watch video rather than any other content on internet, Each and every minute thousands of the video get uploaded on video sharing sites like YouTube Slow Motion Video. Play your videos in slow-motion, or double speed, then save to disk. Great for analyzing sports, dancing etc or just a good laugh for the kids. Sorry no audio on save video yet ‎iMotion is an intuitive and powerful time-lapse and stop-motion app for iOS. Take pictures, edit your movie and export 4K UHD, 1080p & 720p HD videos to your device or directly to Youtube. Time-lapse is a cinematography technique which accelerates movement. It can be used to photograph cloudscap

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How to combine videos on an iPhone using iMovie. 1. Start the iMovie app and, if you see the Welcome to iMovie screen, tap Continue. 2. Tap Create Project. 3. On the New Project screen, tap. I was a bit surprised to know that some video editors still struggle with finding the optimal approach when it comes to pulling off perfectly smooth and seamless slow-motion videos. Sure, you have to work with media that was shot at 60fps or higher to be able to get some decent results You can set your video in slow motion to emphasize a movement, or set it to play at lightning speed and give your movie a comical air. You can also use this feature to achieve time-lapse and strobe effects on your videos and photos. Learn how to create a slow motion effect in this tutorial by video editing expert Gripps

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The best thing about the slow-motion effect feature of the Photos app is that it can show a preview of the slow-motion effect before saving the video clip. Additionally, when you save your video, the app creates a new copy of the original video clip without making any changes to the source file. Add the slow-motion effect to a video in Windows 1 You can use the usual steps to record videos in slow motion or speed them up. How to Change TikTok Speed on Android and iPhone. you can then put the video back to its normal speed and upload it The iPhone 7 also provides less noise, better low light performance and better dynamic range than the iPhone 6s of last year in all camera modes including slow motion but the increase while palpable in still images and regular 4k video is not a big enough change when it comes to slow motion The video is very capable on these new phones but being just competitive at the high entry price will put off many buyers. If you want a slow motion phone the new iPhones might be the best at 240fps 1080p but they will not match the frame rates of the OnePlus 6 at 480fps and XZ2, XZ3, Galaxy S9 at 960fps which even at 720p on the Samsungs and a.

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Unlike its little sister app Quick, it doesn't attempt to put together a video montage automatically. So next you will need to take each clip and cut it, trim it, you can add a variety of different filters to it as well as change the speed. So if you are into that slow-motion scenes, with Splice you can do that 0.7 7. iMotion. 0.8 8. SloPro. 1 Best Slow Motion Video Apps To Make And Watch Slow Motion Videos On Any Smartphone. 1. Videoshop. Video shop is an app with which you can make slow-motion videos on your Smartphone. You can select whether to record a new video or Import it from your gallery to make a slow-motion Even if you are still holding onto an iPhone 7 or a 7 Plus, these are capable of shooting videos at 30 fps at 1080p. This model even has a selfie camera that has the capability to record at 1080p. Hence, iPhone filmmaking is easy to achieve, even for HD videos, putting in slow-motion effects as well Popular slow motion app TruSloMo has been updated to support super slow motion at 240fps as well as the new iPhone 6 / 6 Plus while also having its in-app purchase put on sale. The slow motion feature that arrived in the iPhone 5s and then made the jump to the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is undoubtedly pretty impressive, and there are. If you just picked up your iPhone 5s, you may be itching to record some slow-motion video. (I know I was.) But due to the way Apple's slow-motion feature is implemented, sharing your brilliance.

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If you really want to get a slow-mo shot, just shoot in the actual slow-motion mode. Tip three: be strategic with your lens choices The iPhone X is the first iPhone with optical image. And Facebook video speed controller lets you do that. This extension is very useful in case you want to watch a video by concentrating on some event. In that case, you can see the video in slow motion mode. Also, if you find some video on Facebook boring, then you can fast forward it easily Reversing video is a well-established special effect with many uses. It can inform an audience with a slow-motion instant replay. It can wow them like the music video for Lake and Lyndale's There's a Weight, in which the singer sings the song backward in real-time to appear to sing normally in the final reversed video How to shoot slow motion video on your iPhone or iPad. Slow motion video has been around since the iPhone 5s. With a slow motion video, you're able to shoot at a high FPS (frames per second), then go back in after the recording to slow down or speed up specific parts of the video


Step 2. Put your video to the timeline section. Once the project or the videos you have opened and imported, you can notice that a video window will be set into the bottom left corner of the screen. Now just put your mouse onto the video and drag it to the timeline tab that is located next to the project frame. Step 3 The dark mode is one of the features most demanded by mobile app users. Applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Google Chrome have already offered this functionality for some time. Today, we will see how we can do the same with one of the most popular social networks of the moment. Next, we explain how to activate dark mode on TikTok Like most things involving TikTok, it might only take a few tries to figure out how to watch a video in slow motion before you are once again an expert at all things related to the app. In this case, what you need to do is follow a few key steps and you will be on the fast track to watching that cooking TikTok or the one with the epic pool slide fail in slow motion to catch every glorious second